Streamline the enrollment process, reduce paper forms with OnBase Mobile Insurance Enrollment

With OnBase Mobile Insurance Enrollment, mobile sales forces can complete, sign and submit enrollment forms on the go. Additionally, this process works seamlessly whether you are online or offline. You can capture and upload any supporting documents, such as a client’s utility bill or I.D., with great ease. Users can synchronize completed forms with OnBase throughout the day to process applications in a timely manner.

4 Perks of Reducing Paper Forms with OnBase Mobile Insurance Enrollment:

Complete Smart Forms Electronically

Firstly, with OnBase Mobile Insurance Enrollment, you can reduce the amount of manual data entry that you have to spend your valuable time on. Mobile personnel complete electronic versions of regulated forms, which are equipped with auto fill functionality for repeating fields to reduce data entry time and errors. The electronic forms are also highly customizable. Specifically, this ensures compliance and ease of use.

Easily Capture Signatures and Supporting Documentation

You can also speed up your processes using OnBase Mobile Insurance Enrollment by signing regulated forms directly on a tablet device. After data collection is complete, the forms are displayed to the client and representative for review and signatures. Personnel can even capture and attach required supporting documentation using the device’s camera. This could include a utility bill to verify a client’s address.

Automate Form Routing, Expediting Assignment and Approval Processes

Additionally, with OnBase Mobile Insurance Enrollment, you can accelerate your application processing overall. With employees synchronizing completed forms throughout the day, applications are immediately available for review and it automatically routes them for approval.

Unlock Greater Visibility

Finally, you can increase visibility throughout the enrollment process. Specifically, it allows supervisors to gain increased visibility into the overall process and status of each enrollment application. This allows them to gain valuable insight and a view of the bigger picture.

With OnBase, you can increase your mobile sales force’s productivity for greater overall success. Additionally, OnBase Mobile Insurance Enrollment empowers you to expedite the entire enrollment process with the OnBase Mobile Enrollment solution.

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