OnBase 17 Review - Highlights of New Features

OnBase 17 Review – Highlights of New Features

The latest and greatest software from Hyland is here; OnBase 17 is the most feature-rich solution that Hyland has created to date. OnBase 17 new features showcase many of customer enhancement requests. Additionally, see some of the best new features in action from the Unity Client, OnBase Workflow, Unity Scheduler and much more. This video covers some of the great new features and functions added in OnBase 17. You will be so excited to start using OnBase 17 in your environment that we will highlight the OnBase upgrade process. Learn about the latest software compatibilities and supported versions of the database to servers, Microsoft Office and more.

Not sure if OnBase 17 is for you? Fortunately, we will guide you through obtaining a delta report that will show you the software enhancements that were added from your current OnBase version to the latest OnBase release for just the modules that you own. The delta report will make planning your upgrade easy along with drafting your critical test plans. While Hyland spends thousands of hours testing the software, testing the software with your specific data in your environment is the best way to know of knowing the impacts the latest release will have on your unique configuration. Finally, we will discuss testing strategies and test plan creation so you can impress your boss with your upgrade execution strategy. We will guide you on how to best start your transition to OnBase 17!

Key Agenda Items

  1. Firstly, you will see the latest and greatest features in OnBase 17.
  2. Additionally, you’ll come to understand the most recent software compatibilities and supported software versions.
  3. You’ll also get to know exactly what has changed in your software modules with the Delta report.
  4. We’ll cover the best Testing Plans and Strategies for a smooth upgrade.
  5. Finally, you’ll learn how to start your OnBase Upgrade.

OnBase 17 is the most feature-rich solution that Hyland has created to date.

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