OnBase and ShareBase, Better Together

Sharing and collaborating are essential functions of work and can include contributors inside and outside of your organization. So as you search for a content solution, it becomes critical that it addresses these exact needs.

OnBase by Hyland is a platform that manages transactional content, processes, and cases. Specifically, Hyland built ShareBase for the enterprise as a user-focused, cloud-based file-sharing product. As a result, these products together become a powerful content force. And when leveraged in tandem, they streamline and automate any single business process–even if content needs to leave the four walls of your organization.

Improve Process-Based Sharing


Automatically share OnBase content with external contributors and reviewers with appropriate permissions. Provide external access to individual documents or a complete folder of documents, then monitor views and activity surrounding the document or folder directly within ShareBase.


Capturing content from those outside your organization no longer must involve email, USBs, SFTP or physical mail. In fact, as external contributors add content to a designated ShareBase folder, OnBase monitors that folder, automatically ingesting new content directly into an OnBase process. Additionally, ShareBase makes it simple and intuitive for all contributors to upload content from a desktop or mobile device by using a web browser.

OnBase Automation Options for ShareBase

Create a folder in ShareBase

At a designated point in the process, OnBase automatically creates a ShareBase folder.

Create a link to a ShareBase folder

OnBase creates a link to the designated ShareBase folder and includes the appropriate rights and expiration requirements.

Add an OnBase document to a ShareBase folder

OnBase adds the specified document(s) to an already existing folder in ShareBase Those with access to that folder will be able to view the added contents.

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