OnBase AnyDoc helps Yankee Candle Fundraising keep up with growth

The Challenge

Yankee Candle Fundraising nearly quadrupled its business over the last five years. Using traditional catalogs and handwritten order forms was working for the company. But manual data entry, as well as sorting and storing the increasing amount of paper order forms, wasn’t. The company needed a better way to manage orders coming in from school groups and non-profit organizations who raise money by selling Yankee Candle products.

OnBase AnyDoc solved all the problems that paper created.

The Solution

Yankee Candle Fundraising leveraged the OnBase AnyDoc solution to automate the scanning of order forms, minimizing manual data entry and storing them in one central place. With about 70 percent of the company’s business coming from the education sector – groups of grade school through high school students – the solution’s sophisticated hand print recognition functionality works wonders. Using OnBase AnyDoc, even crumpled paper with information crossed off or written in different colors of ink can be scanned into the system for validation. By keeping all of their order forms in one, secure location, staff spend less time looking for information and more time acting on it. Every day, Yankee Candle Fundraising customer service receives calls from parents asking for a copy of a form that a student has lost or misplaced. At one point, the company had to hire a full-time, seasonal employee to search through boxes and envelopes to find, photocopy and mail the duplicate order forms.

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