Public records management comes with many unique challenges- government organizations average over 260 minutes a day fulfilling public records requests. The volume request is ever-growing too, as is the volume of lawsuits by requesters who want results faster than ever, despite submitting far-reaching requests. If your organization is not paperless, you face a significant obstacle in the form of filing cabinets upon filing cabinets of papers, which you must search endlessly through to find what you’re looking for. Talk about inefficient. This challenge leads to longer fulfillment cycles and makes it harder to completely fulfill requests or to know if you’ve searched everywhere you should.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Hyland has taken all the realities of the challenges faced by government organizations into consideration and created the OnBase public records solution. With this technology, you can simplify storage, request submission, and fulfillment. From online request capabilities and comprehensive search capabilities, you can streamline your processes and unlock full visibility for better results for you and your constituents making requests.

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