Drive Efficiency & Compliance with Secure Files and Automated, Paperless Processes

Agencies need to maintain effective grants management and visibility, but with reliance on paper documents and the prevalence of manual tasks, this is no easy fix. How can agencies overcome this? Above all, this problem calls for a solution that can replace paper with electronic documents. Additionally, this solution should drive efficiency through automation and provide visibility throughout the entire process. The OnBase Grants Management solution answers these needs and creates a foundation for ensuring compliance and even adding the tools for further operational efficiencies as new requirements or programs arise.

Benefits of an OnBase Grants Management Solution for Government

  • Eliminates paper, saves time and money, and increases security
    OnBase replaces filing, printing, and copy burdens with virtual contract and project files that integrate with key data systems. Along with the file security, storage and retrieval benefits, OnBase adds accountability to the grants management process. The solution keeps a complete audit trail and even manages your grants contracts.
  • Eliminates delays and accellerates grants management processes
    OnBase helps agencies ditch the paper documents and cut down on manual tasks that once held them back. As a result, they enjoy a more streamlined process that saves them time as well as frustration.
  • Increase speed and support compliance requirements with automation
    With OnBase Workflow, you can automate key grants tasks like document routing while supporting staff as they work to meet deadlines and documentation and review requirements.
  • Provides visibility into every stage of grants management
    By replacing paper and centralizing information storage and process management into a single location, you increase visibility into grants management.

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