OnBase MEDITECH Document Management Solution Summary

Health information systems (HIS) like Meditech create the software foundation for many healthcare organizations by managing the data that keeps hospitals running. However, as hospitals move towards more mature electronic health records (EHRs) and work to keep up with a tight economy, they find that they still need to eliminate the paper and manual processes that the HIS can’t.

The Challenges

  • Scanning and archiving isn’t enough to solve all of your paper problems.
  • Paper, forms, faxes, photos and clinical images can make up to 25 percent of a patient record, but they can be hard for an HIS to capture, preventing a complete EHR
  • Manual, paper processes don’t just slow clinicians down; they hold back departments across a healthcare organization, costing time and money
  • Without a solution that provides all the functionality users need, acceptance and adoption will founder

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