Speed member enrollment while improving accuracy and security

Create a streamlined enrollment process, mitigating common risks including fraud, lost documents, missing information and compliance concerns with OnBase by Hyland’s Member Enrollment solution. Removing paper forms from the enrollment process allows sales representatives to leverage the convenience and portability of a tablet device.

Representatives capture prospective enrollee information electronically and upload it for processing – minimizing the time required to enroll a new member, and maximizing the number and quality of applications submitted.

Makes paperwork manageable and boosts enrollment

Paper-based enrollment processes require sales representatives to capture large amounts of repetitive customer information by hand. With Member Enrollment, electronic versions of the forms they need are right at their fingertips, even when they’re offline. And, when capturing data on a tablet device, electronic signature and autofill funcitonality save enrollees from having to enter redundant information on multiple forms. By speeding the paperwork process while reducing the potential for missing data, sales representatives enroll more customers and capture more accurate information. Once uploaded, completed forms route through an automated workflow that prompts the appropriate users to review and resolve questions. As a result, the process takes hours rather than weeks.

Combats fraud with business rules

Member Enrollment automatically tracks misrepresented information to remove the opportunity for fraud. This is a common challenge during open enrollment, which makes this feature all the more valuable. Business rules identify potentially fraudulent information and route applications for review and validation.

Captures complete information to maintain compliance

Member enrollment reduces the risk of human error while respecting form requirements. Smart forms mitigate inaccurate data at the point of enrollment. They do this by letting insurers set defined rules for capturing necessary customer information.

Provides fingertip access to answers for a quality customer experience

Taking the guesswork out of paperwork empowers sales representatives to simplify data capture and provide better quality customer service.

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