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Access to public records is a cornerstone of an open, transparent government. Unfortunately, an overreliance on paper-based and manual public records request fulfillment makes meeting request deadlines difficult. Hunting down documents from multiple departments, locations, and filing cabinets can be problematic. Specifically, it puts a burden on government staff and leads to lengthy fulfillment cycles. As a result, you can damage public trust in the process.

Once received, tracking and distributing requests becomes a challenge of reviewing long email chains, making phone calls and hunting down documents. Tracking systems are routinely just spreadsheets that require manual data entry and further consume staff time.

With the OnBase Public Records Request solution, you simplify request submission and fulfillment. From online request capabilities and comprehensive record searches to digital delivery, OnBase improves the process from beginning to end.

Simplifies request submission and delivery for constituents and media

OnBase simplifies the request process by providing web-based request submission in addition to paper requests. Whether submitted online or by other methods, requests enter a workflow so OnBase can automatically route them to the correct department for review, assignment and fulfillment.

A foundation you can build on

By providing a single, central and electronic location to store records, you return the time staff would formerly waste digging through filing cabinets, offsite storage or disconnected information silos. OnBase lets you eliminate paper files and store them too. With OnBase as your records repository, you can also drive continued search improvement. OnBase provides a range of search tools to identify potential records required to complete requests.

Improves process transparency and reporting for better service

Satisfying public records requests is an important legal responsibility for government agencies, so the ability to track and report on request fulfillment is crucial. OnBase Workflow helps meet these legal requirements by managing task touring, timing and escalation. With the OnBase Public Records Request solution, you can notify staff of approaching request deadlines so they work on them first. Additionally, OnBase equips you with reporting dashboards that describe and identify bottlenecks. Simultaneously, dashboards allow you to view reports on any request.

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