Prioritizing Security From Start to Finish

The Hyland designed OnBase to be secure, from inception through release and beyond. Protecting your sensitive data and critical information is of paramount importance. This is a job that Hyland Software takes seriously. From research and design through post-launch support, security is a priority at every step of the OnBase lifecycle. To integrate security into every stage of development, Hyland uses a security lifecycle program. This is a program that Microsoft originally created, but that Hyland has customized based on best practices.

As the product is developed, built-in ‘gates’ require Hyland’s security team to sign off on development prior to moving onto the next phase. The process involves a series of such gates, and the final one takes place prior to the launch. In addition, Hyland performs threat modeling and risk assessments regularly during the entire development process. This gives the security team additional opportunities to catch and fix security issues.

Of course, security continues to be a priority after the product launches. Hyland recognizes this and provides continual support. This may come through regular efforts to monitor, identify, and remediate potential security concerns post-launch. As a result, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is in good hands.

OnBase Security

Above all, OnBase features these key security points:

  • Natively Secure Platform
  • Protected at Every Data State
  • Configurable Security Options

How does Hyland do it all? Maintaining OnBase security takes a variety of proactive efforts. Firstly, Hyland employs a dedicated application security team. Specifically, it is responsible for carrying out advanced security practices on the software. Second, it also trains and does company-wide consultation on security-related issues. Hyland takes the time to pursue these measures because it ensures the security of customers’ critical data.

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