OnBase Cleaning and Optimization - Support Webinar

Did you know that a properly maintained OnBase solution can perform 40% faster or more?!?

Have you applied your spring cleaning and optimization processes to your OnBase solution? Spring cleaning should be carried out in all your critical IT solutions annually. For this reason, we will guide you through the essential OnBase system maintenance plans and best areas of your solution to optimize OnBase performance.

Dust the cobwebs from the corners of your OnBase solution and review some of the basic settings to the more complex improvements that are sure to improve the performance of your OnBase solutions. Afterward, you will have learned not just critical maintenance steps but also end user tips and tricks to improve their efficiencies and workflow optimizations.

Finally, leverage Naviant’s expertise during this informative session and leave with an extensive list of actionable tasks to make the most of your OnBase solution.

Like flowers rising from the wet April soil, we will share a garden center worth of tips and tricks. Actually, these tips and tricks are a favorite segment from our annual ECM Summit.

OnBase System Maintenance Overview

In this webinar, you will learn a variety of tips and tricks to spring clean your OnBase System. You’ll also get to see how to optimize OnBase user policies for the Unity Client. Additionally, add optimizations to spring your Workflow up to the next level. We’ll also cover maintenance reminders that will keep your system running squeaky spring clean. You will also learn about the shortcuts which are both built into OnBase and an Administrator’s customizable design option. This will be especially helpful as you update and optimize your system further to meet your needs. Finally, you will see the tools to improve every area of your business.

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