Overview of New User Interface Enhancements in OnBase 17

OnBase 17 has been released and is being adopted by many customers. Most visible changes to those using OnBase 17 are the major refresh of the user interface (UI) for both the Web Client and Unity Client. The most important updates to end users are the OnBase 17 UI Enhancements. With this major refresh to two main OnBase clients, this video takes a deep dive to review the many areas of change as it relates to the user interface.

For those organizations using the Web Client, you’ll see the most significant change to the UI. The navigation, look and feel, and in some cases, the functionality of the Web Client has changed significantly. Some features that were only available within the Unity Client have now been added to the Web Client. Most notably is the ability to run and view OnBase Reporting Dashboards from within the Web Client.

OnBase 17 UI Enhancements also appear in the Unity Client. With a modern look and feel, OnBase 17 gives users of the Unity Client the usability that they have come to expect with OnBase.

Prepare your users for these changes when you upgrade to OnBase 17 and deploy the Web Client. If you don’t currently own the Web Client, this session might open your eyes to an easy to deploy, easy to use alternative to the Thick Client.

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