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Oneida Nation has +2,800 employees in over 58 different site locations and is known for its seven gaming sites, +2,420 slot machines, table games, poker tables, and bingo seats.
Green Bay, WI
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Oneida Nation Goes Enterprise with Document Management


The Client

With the selection of an OnBase document management solution through Naviant, the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin created for themselves an opportunity to significantly improve the way it managed its physical documents. “A key objective of the initiative was to provide this new capability as an organization-wide solution versus business unit by business unit. The strategy was to offer a system that was scalable and supported document storage and retrieval across all Oneida business units.”

OnBase has truly become an important enterprise asset for the Oneida Tribe of Indians of WI. Since the initial implementation, Oneida Nation has over 2.4 million documents in their OnBase system and over 600 employees in over 20+ departments using OnBase. Please read more to see how OnBase has influenced specific departments within The Nation.

Business Committee

The Business Committee are the elected officials of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin. The Tribal Secretary and Oneida’s Records Management Department are responsible for maintaining accurate documentation of Business Committee and General Tribal Council meeting minutes and making them available to tribal members upon request. Past years of minutes have been scanned into OnBase. Using OCR capture technology and “full text indexing”, Records Management has provided a powerful research tool to the tribal members.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate the need for multiple paper copies of minutes
  • Improve the ability to research past minutes efficiently
  • Research time reduced from days to hours or minutes

Land Management

The Division of Land Management was one of the first “quick wins” for an OnBase implementation. Land Management is responsible for managing the records for all tribal lands that are in “Federal Trust.” The integrity of the original documents needed to be preserved and at the same time reviewed by multiple people at the same time. Records that were imported into OnBase included: contract negotiations, property deeds, meeting minutes, etc.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to share meeting minutes instantaneously across multiple people
  • A recommended structure and organization of physical documents for proper
    management and control
  • Quick indexing and retrieval methods for more efficient processes
  • Allowing access to the scanned documents while preserving integrity of the originals
  • A proper place for each document—no more misplaced files


The Accounting Department originally started as a mere attempt to scan Account Payable checks, but they quickly realized the power of OnBase document management and they now scan about forty different categories of documents into OnBase.

Key Benefits

  • Able to rid of a file room full of paper
  • Reduced cost for the Accounting budget as supplies no longer were needed
    to maintain paper file rooms
  • Numerous users can now access the same file at the same time if needed
  • Hours are no longer spent on finding misplaced files
  • OnBase has strengthened confidentiality
  • Overtime costs have decreased because files are available 24 hours per day
  • Application Enabler has helped to increase user-friendliness in the ECM system

"OnBase has transformed our organization. Naviant provides us with the high quality support we come to expect from a vendor."

- Mark Osterberg, Business Systems Analyst, Oneida Nation of Wisconsin

Employee Health

The Employee Health department believes OnBase to be an incredible asset in their department. After moving from an older Paradox system for their Case Management needs, OnBase provides a dependable solution that allows for more than one user to be in the system at a time.

Key Benefits

  • Multiple user access that is easy
  • Streamlines employee health charting
  • Easy and fast retrieval of information at all times
  • Complete reduction in paper charts that were heavy and took up space
  • Saves the company paper and money
  • Old files are immediately purged when no longer needed

Gaming Background

The Background Investigations Department of the Oneida Gaming Commission implemented OnBase as part of a later phase. The transition into OnBase proved as of today, their entire paper filing system has been converted into digital records.

Key Benefits

  • Elimination of a vacant records technician position as the entire staff has the capability and access to import, scan, and retrieve their own records
  • Audits are completed in less than half of the time that they used to take due to fast document retrieval
  • Correcting and updating of files has become very easy
  • All the functions of a conventional filing system can be performed while
    working at a specific terminal and completed without the assistance of
    administrative staff – this makes completion time of requests much quicker
    and less expensive


The use of OnBase in the Security Department meant that the data entry staff had begun the process of scanning all Daily Log Book forms (shift rotations, radio logs, key logs), vehicle mileage logs, visitor logs, and PSM delivery logs into OnBase for easy electronic retrieval.

The entering of this data into OnBase has allowed various departments to retrieve information on their own at a moment’s notice, without retrieving a physical paper file from a warehouse (Oneida Nation’s old process). Various business units are now able to retrieve department documents at their convenience.

Key Benefits

  • Elimination of previous manual distribution processes for specific needed reports
  • Elimination of hand data entry of full reports; these reports can now be scanned into the system for easy retrieval by those authorized to access the documents
  • Minimization of interruptions; efficiency in document retrieval
  • Numerous purging of paper files; cost reduction in storage
  • Commercial size scanner has cut scan time drastically
  • Easy access to employee files for supervisors

"It is important to us to be as self-sufficient as we can, but Naviant is always there when we need assistance. We estimate a labor savings in excess of two million dollars annually. OnBase document management has transformed how we do business."

- Jim Wildenberg, MIS Application & Development, Oneida Nation of Wisconsin

Higher Education

The Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin’s Higher Education department has been able to greatly improve customer service response time. In addition to this, many costs have been eliminated from the budget.

Key Benefits

  • Higher Education (HE) staff were allowed immediate access to student records/files
  • Elimination of time and cost due to the pulling of hundreds of student files and individual paperwork of 1,063 students
  • Elimination of expensive filing cabinets, numerous student folders, the usage
    of in/out cards and time tracking of filing
  • The ability to develop document type groups within OnBase that used to be
    grouped in three-ring binders and file folders

Comprehensive Health Division

The Oneida Comprehensive Health Division consists of Primary Medical care, Behavioral Health, Dental, Optical, Pharmacy, Long Term care, Contract Health,and other related services. OnBase Front Office Scanning is being used to capture Insurance cards, Tribal ID, HIPAA release forms, and other forms of Identification at the time of check-in for patients.

Once captured, these documents are made available to other service areas, such as Pharmacy, using OnBase Application Enabler. With the ongoing implementation of GE Healthcare’s Centricity Electronic Medical Records System, OnBase is being used to integrate documents from outside specialty providers using an HL7 interface.

Key Benefits

  • Elimination of the need to pull paper charts for basic patient information and HIPAA release forms
  • Ability to integrate OnBase to Pharmacy, Dental, Contract Health, etc. using Application Enabler
  • Interfacing OnBase to Centricity eliminated the need to purchase a 2nd
    document management system

Oneida Nation's Solution Implementation Timeline

Third Quarter

Initial OnBase Purchase
Land Management

First Quarter

E-Forms & Electronic Signatures

Second Quarter

Land Records & Commissions

Third Quarter

Grants Management
Accounting (AP)

First Quarter

Gaming / Casino

Third Quarter

Records Management & Retention Consulting

Fourth Quarter

Healthcare Medical Records FOS Software

Second Quarter

Higher Education

Third Quarter

Behavioral Health

Fourth Quarter

Cultural Heritage

Third Quarter

Human Resources

First Quarter

Employee Health

Fourth Quarter

Optical Division
Tribal Historic Preservation

Second Quarter

Records Management Implementation
Security & Surveillance
Time & Attendance

First Quarter

Business Committee

Third Quarter

Integration with GE Centricity for Medical Records

Fourth Quarter

OnBase Report Services

Second Quarter

Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Second Quarter

Economic Support

Second Quarter

Gaming Backgrounds

Third Quarter

Case Management for Zoning Department
Nursing Home

Fourth Quarter

Agenda Management

Third Quarter

Judicial System

Second Quarter

Accounts Payable Automation

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