Optical Character Recognition (OCR) | 2015 Naviant Summit Session

This 60 minute session during Naviant’s annual ECM educational Summit walks you through the basics of OCR, and the levels of automation that exist when you’re considering OCR for your business process. This session is educational and fun, as it uses the concept of “the draft” to teach attendees about OCR, as the Summit was held at Lambeau Field. Selecting successful OCR contributors requires more than hearsay, print media and rudimentary evidence. It requires quality scouting and education. In this session, we will explore multiple options to systematically capture information from documents, use that data within business processes, and create records within your core systems. Concepts will include Batch OCR, Full-Text Indexing, Advanced Capture, ICAP, AnyDoc, NavCON, and more. Compliment your team with the best OCR draft choices available!

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