Information Management Platforms Helps Organizations Achieve Greater Productivity and Improved Agility, While Also Meeting Security and Compliance Objectives

The quantity of information that businesses create, manage, and store today can seem overwhelming. Content exists in systems, applications, drives, and devices in multiple formats. Additionally, a wide range of people both inside and outside the organization.

Most organizations have multiple information solutions — such as CRM, enterprise content management (ECM), and ERP applications — to manage and store content. Yet they don’t speak to each other very well — or at all. Information workers often have to access multiple systems while completing a single business task. This lack of integration wastes users’ time and creates complexity in addressing compliance and security requirements.

Unfortunately, many organizations accept this incongruity as an unavoidable side effect of owning a diverse range of best-of-breed enterprise systems and point solutions.

By focusing on how people use information and making it accessible in the context of business processes, organizations maximize its value — increasing productivity, providing better customer experiences, and improving decision making. Being able to automatically streamline and manage content across sources onto a single platform also minimizes security and compliance risks. But to accomplish this requires a new breed of content management technologies.

The challenges associated with content

Enterprises are awash with content that flows inside and outside the organization. Its sheer volume creates challenges from three different angles. Firstly, it has breadth. Specifically, information exists in multiple applications, systems, and formats. Secondly, it has depth. In fact, it’s embedded in files and includes metadata and annotations. Thirdly, it has people. When you share it inside or outside the organization, content can be sent in an unsecured fashion, or sensitive data can be inadvertently given to unauthorized persons, creating compliance concerns.

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