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2017 was the costliest, most substantial year in cybersecurity history. Monumental security breaches hogged headlines while almost 2 billion records worldwide became compromised in just the first half of the year (88 percent of which occurred in the U.S.) according to the “Breach Level Index” by Gemalto. Criminals behind keyboards continue to evolve their methods of security penetration. Additionally, they have broadened their scope of attack to include everyone, especially government organizations.

Security breaches happen even more frequently than you might imagine. In fact, Ponemon Institute, one of the leading cybersecurity research firms, discovered that one out of every four companies will be a victim of a breach. In other words, chances are high that your government organization has or will be a victim of an attack. The scariest part is you could be under attack
and not even know it.

OnBase by Hyland provides layers of enterprise security in order to protect you and your valuable information. These layers work to both internally and externally protect the critical and proprietary information your organization works with every day. Natively, the OnBase environment is secure by design. However, there are additional security offerings that address some of the more common and costly security threats. This can include ransomware, user error, and file server intrusion. Additionally, OnBase provides support for key federal security standards and practices like Common Access Card (CAC), Identity Verification (IdV) and FIPs 140-2 compliant deployments.

Additionally, insights from CSO, an IT security thought leader and IDG subsidiary, suggest that using encryption extensively can realize cost savings of $1.4 million a year. This eBook will show you additional ways that OnBase protects your data by leveraging encryption capabilities. Discover how these “must-have” offerings deliver premium data security.

The Difference

Your organization’s information is a valuable asset and government agencies have a responsibility to protect its systems, processes, and data. Abiding by checklists recommending baseline security installations won’t be sufficient in today’s cyber environment. Your organization needs multiple layers of security to safeguard your mission. Enterprise information and content services platforms like OnBase offer several safeguards inherent to the solution’s design.

Additionally, many of these safeguards provide security that isn’t just about whether a breach happens. Experts believe breaches will continue to happen and users may make errors or try to gain unauthorized data access. With federal standards like CAC, IdV and FIPS 140-2, OnBase supports some key tools. And with Encrypted Disk groups, Encrypted Alphanumeric Keywords and Distributed Disk Services, data breaches find only unreadable data. Bolster your agency’s security and reap the benefits of a content services solution that can transform and modernize your agency. As a result, with OnBase, you will be ready to face today’s security challenges.

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