As a city clerk, you must wear many hats. You have to collect, aggregate, and create agenda packets, manage minutes, and offer live and on-demand video. But you also need to protect public records. And when your constituents make records requests, you’re the one who has to deliver.

All of these responsibilities are associated with a lot of content, from files and faxes to emails. If your agenda software solution is only able to manage some of these responsibilities and the vital content they involve, you may find yourself in difficult positions. For example, if your solution can’t manage files, faxes, and emails, for example, you and your team won’t have a complete picture of the documents that fulfill a records request. This can make for a very slow, frustrating experience for you, your staff, and your constituents.

You need a solution that does it all- it should be able to store all of your critical information, regardless of format. You need a secure, central repository that protects your records for the future and makes your job easier all around. OnBase is that solution.

OnBase by Hyland is a complete system that can support all your responsibilities from safekeeping public records to the legislative process. It centralizes critical information, regardless of type or format, and connects the dots between the systems across your organization. This means you can easily collect and preserve all public records. You can even increase your team’ss efficiency by cutting costs, going paperless, and eliminating other current roadblocks that may be standing in the way of your optimal efficiency. You can also save time with OnBase’s easy search tool. Here, with a single search, you can easily identify all documents relevant to a request, from minutes and agenda to additional content.

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