Renault Algérie processes 100,000 purchase orders a year, reduces documents loss and achieves real-time management with OnBase by Hyland

The Customer

Operating in Algeria for almost a century, Renault Algérie has two subsidiaries and
65 dealerships across the country. Offering the Renault and Dacia brands, it has
been positioned as a leader in the automobile industry in Algeria.
The company’s success is based on customer trust and satisfaction, core elements
of the Renault Group business strategy. Rated every month by an independent
organization, Renault’s customer satisfaction survey now shows excellent results:
almost nine out of ten customers recommend Renault Algérie’s showrooms and
workshops for the quality of their services.

That success is also due to the company’s recent acquisition of scanning solutions
that helped to considerably improve the quality of service in the sales territory.
Renault Algérie has experience rapid growth over the past two years and was
buried under paper documents, with more than 100,000 purchase orders per year.
The company was facing major challenges to manage the paper flow, reduce
processing time while ensuring data traceability and security, and eliminate the
loss of any original purchase orders.

The Solution

Without any existing solution and with the pressing need to address the issues
identified, Renault Algérie selected OnBase by Hyland as the most suitable solution
for their specific purchase order management problems. With OnBase, purchase
orders are now scanned and processed in real-time. In one year, not a single
document has been lost.

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