Hyland has a dazzling display of new features for you in OnBase 18. They have heard your requests and created a feature-rich build that will leave you asking, “When can I complete my OnBase upgrade to version 18?!” -In this video, you will get a useful overview of many of these changes. For instance, one of these exciting changes that will be covered is image forms. OnBase 18 introduces image forms, which replicate paper forms electronically. They are easy to use and fill out, making them a no-brainer for you to implement in no time. Additionally, they retain the exact look of regulated forms, integrate fully into Workflow, and even eliminate scanning and indexing of forms.

What Else You Can Expect in the OnBase 18 Video

  • A demonstration of as many new features and functionalities we could squeeze into an hour
  • A focus on the features and functionalities that benefit you – the OnBase Administrator – and your critical end users the most
  • Essential considerations of upgrading
  • How to migrate your existing workflow timers to the Unity Scheduler Service (will be required with your OnBase 18 upgrade)
  • Learn how to obtain a delta report of the features and updates affecting the modules you own

We couldn’t show you the thousands of changes in a single hour, but included where you can learn more about the modules and features you care about most.

Knowing the latest in upgrade strategies will make your transition to OnBase 18 as effortless as possible. However, after you have seen our demonstration of all the great new features, you may need some help in performing your upgrade to OnBase. If so, we will show you a simple way to make an upgrade request with our customer unity form.

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