Key Benefits of a Sales Order Processing Solution

When your sales order processing solution is manual and paper-based, you risk inaccurate data entry and a slow sales cycle. OnBase speeds sales order processing by immediately capturing all income order documents and extracting order information. Documents and data are stored, posted to the ERP and routed to appropriate staff. With OnBase, you gain efficiency in order processing, improving customer service and ultimately speeding payment receipt.

Key Benefits of a Sales Order Processing Solution

  • Create efficiency through automated data entry and approval routing
    OnBase automatically captures the critical information in the order documents, allowing organizations to reallocate staff devoted to manual data entry and reduce costs. Using OCR technology, with limited manual intervention, OnBase finds and captures information directly from sales orders.
  • Improve customer service with easy access to documents and accurate data downstream
    OnBase stores documents, offering staff quick access later in the sales cycle and customer relationship. Staff and management can access order documents directly from their desktop or mobile device.
  • Reduce days sales outstanding
    Improving sales order processing impacts the entire cycle and customer relationship. Speeding sales order processing shortens the overall order-to-cash cycle. A quicker the order processing results in a faster delivery of products or services and payment are received sooner. Thus, reducing days sales outstanding.

A mostly capture solution, enhance a Sales Order Processing Solution by adding OnBase storage, integration, and automated routing capabilities.

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