Automate sharing. Empower users. Retain control.

Many processes require your staff to share and collaborate on documents with people outside of your agency – from constituents and vendors to other government agencies.

ShareBase by Hyland is an enterprise cloud-based file-sharing tool. ShareBase provides secure, cloud-based sharing while ensuring you retain ownership and control. When used in conjunction with an OnBase solution, document sharing becomes an automated part of your business processes, reducing bottlenecks caused by the manual copying and pasting of files.

Retain control of your documents

ShareBase uses your government email addresses to create user accounts, ensuring your agency retains ownership of any shared information. Administrators tightly control who uses the product and determine which users can share externally. When users manually share documents, they can assign rights and permissions at the folder-level all the way down to the individual document-level.

When users leave your office or change roles, rights can easily be revoked or transferred. This decreases the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring continuity during personnel transitions. Additionally, an audit trail shows who is accessing and sharing content, and precisely what content this is.

Extends your OnBase solution

ShareBase allows you to share content managed in OnBase with individuals both inside and outside your agency. Using workflow business rules, OnBase automatically adds documents to ShareBase. It also notifies recipients via emails containing secure links. Additionally, the links are equipped with options to add password protection and expiration dates.

When a business process requires individuals to add new or updated documents, OnBase can automatically create secure folders in ShareBase for documents to be uploaded into. Once you put your documents into ShareBase, the solution automatically imports and indexes them.

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