ShareBase: Deployed in the Hyland Cloud

When it comes to cloud deployments, experience matters. Additionally, with experience comes more functionality, an established history of outstanding service levels, and most importantly or cloud-based sharing: security.

ShareBase by Hyland delivers that experience and security by utilizing the Hyland Cloud, a cloud developed specifically with enterprise content management (ECM) needs in mind. The Hyland Cloud was first deployed more than 10 years ago for Hyland’s ECM product, OnBase. However, over the years, Hyland has continued to pioneer innovative cloud-based solutions, including ShareBase.

The Hyland Cloud provides a full technical infrastructure that allows organizations to harness the power of Hyland’s products – including ShareBase – with the security of our world-class hosting environments located in multiple locations around the globe.

Meeting Data Sovereignty

As our customer, you can choose your designated data center region in one of Hyland’s worldwide data centers – typically the data center physically closest to you (but accommodating your preference if necessary). We have data centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico and Australia.

Connecting Your Content with Your Users

The Hyland Cloud maintains access to the global IP backbone via dual access routers connected to multiple backbone nodes. Backend connectivity and network service facilities include asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), frame relay and circuit-switching. These capabilities provide high-speed internet access with burstable WAN bandwidth, ensuring your content is uploaded to ShareBase and put to use as quickly as possible.

How We Secure Your Content

All ShareBase documents are stored in the Hyland Cloud and customer deployment encrypts them with a unique encryption key using a 256-bit AES key. Surveillance cameras cover all Hyland Cloud data centers. Additionally, security personnel staff them. Enterprise-class anti-virus software protects ShareBase with up-to-date definitions.

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