Solution Spotlight: Integration for Microsoft Outlook

Solution Spotlight-Outlook Integration

Our bi-monthly Solution Spotlight offers a thirty-minute overview of some of the most popular OnBase modules.  This month’s focus is on: “Outlook Integration” and is open to all Naviant customers!

Viewers Will Learn About:

If your organization uses Microsoft Outlook, you probably know that your users have it open all day long.  Promoting system transparency to your users, you can extend the OnBase experience to Outlook without requiring the user to fire up another OnBase client.

This webinar will explore the features and functionality of the integration OnBase has built for Microsoft Outlook and demonstrate to you the benefits of simplifying user access to OnBase including Document Retrieval, forms creation, archival of messages and attachments from Outlook directly into OnBase, as well as extending Workflow interaction to users directly within an Outlook message.

Topics Covered Include:

  • See OnBase Outlook Integration in Action (Document Retrieval, Forms Creation, Archival of Messages/Attachments)
  • Walk-through of a Real-Life Example of How OnBase Outlook Integration is Used

Benefits of Outlook Integration and Workflow

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