You understand the basics of searching off of document types and keywords. But what if you could search your OnBase documents like a Google search? What if you could type in a word or phrase, and OnBase would search WITHIN the text of each document to find matches?

The solution is Full-Text Indexing Server for Autonomy IDOL. Fully integrated with your existing OnBase solution, you have the ability to search for content based upon any words or phrases that appear INSIDE the document, not just keywords. Think of it as a Google-like search that can find and rank the results that match your search criteria.

This powerful solution can be added to any existing OnBase solution without breaking the bank. Limited effort is needed to catalog your existing documents as well as new content stored day forward. Learn how your OnBase system can become a more powerful search engine by joining us for this 30 minute webinar.

We’ll review the benefits and capabilities of the Full-Text Indexing Server for Autonomy IDOL, show you how it works from the user’s perspective, discuss the steps for adding this search capability to an existing OnBase solution, and cover licensing options.

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