Solution Spotlight: Records Management

Does anyone remember the Enron scandal? It’s been more than 14 years now since that news broke and still very few organizations take the appropriate steps to ensure that their documents, when they have met their retention period, are destroyed. Keeping your documents longer than necessary exposes your organization to a huge liability risk.

OnBase has the necessary tools to ensure that all of your company’s records management and retention policies are followed.

Join us for a Solution Spotlight highlighting capabilities within OnBase to properly identify and manage your records and documents that qualify for destruction. During this session we will explore:

  • Capabilities within the core OnBase product to select and purge documents
  • Add-on modules that automatically manage the retention of documents and records
  • The different methods available for retention of documents, and declaration and management of records
  • Features that allow for placing holds on records due to audit, legal, or other reasons
  • Tools that allow a records manager to understand the status of all records, both active and those that have been destroyed via retention plans

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