Solution Spotlight: Solving “Vendor Management” Challenges with OnBase Case Management

What is Case Management Technology?

A new term buzzing around the Enterprise Content Management world is Case Management. But most people cannot articulate what Case Management really is and how they could apply it to their business challenges.

Think of it this way.

Workflow manages work that is highly predictable with predetermined processes that do not change.

Case Management manages work that is highly unpredictable and requires Knowledge Workers to make dynamic decisions throughout a process to get the most efficient outcome.

Case Management is all about empowering users with a tool to effectively manage and handle unpredictable work (aka a “case”). By combining the ability to manage all the “other relevant data” and related documents in one tool that manages the process, the OnBase Case Management tool equips users with a 360-degree view of all the information they need to make better quicker decisions.

Vendor Management Webinar Details

The potential use of Case Management is broad. In this solution spotlight, we’ll use the example of Vendor Management to demonstrate the capabilities of the OnBase Case Management solution to better manage all of the “other relevant vendor data” that can’t be stored in your ERP. By gaining an understanding of how Case Management can improve the management of vendor information and content, you may have a new perspective on how OnBase can supplement your core LOB systems.

Learn How To

Within this solution spotlight, you’ll learn how the case management OnBase solution can:

  • Manage vendor contracts, terms, and expiration dates
  • Allow users to evaluate vendor performance
  • Track incidents related to vendors while centrally resolving each incident
  • Analyze vendor performance through graphical dashboards

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