Content services. It’s the catchphrase you may have heard frequently in the information management space over the last couple of years. Why? The benefits of content services go far beyond just increasing the efficiency of systems and processes.

A new whitepaper from Forrester explains: “Content, and the processes that surround it, are powerful enablers of digital transformation. Enterprise documents, records, messages, images and related metadata are a rich source of data and the power to hep organizations meet obligations to external stakeholders such as partners, suppliers and regulators, improve employee productivity, and delight customers.”

But what exactly is content services? And, more importantly, how can content services benefit your organization? Read on to take a deep dive into expert perspectives and important facts. You’ll gain insight into why content services is a key factor to continuing your organization’s digital transformation momentum.

Are you ready for the new era of content services?

Digital transformation isn’t a new topic. In fact, it’s been a central theme for the past several years. And this year is no different. But how have conversations around digital transformation changed since the introduction of the term “content services” by Gartner back in 2017?

The content management landscape is evolving, reflecting the new ways organizations collect, manage and interact with information. Additionally, it reflects the increasing user demand for content via on-demand, tailored and contextual experiences.

As a result, the enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities of the past no longer fully reflect the way organizations – and their users – create, use and interact with information. Even with a content management strategy in place, disconnected information silos still abound.

This shift in focus – from the monolithic, central content repository to the emphasis on aggregating content across multiple repositories and putting it to use in meaningful ways – is a huge part of the conversation around digital transformation today.

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