This whitepaper discusses how you can benefit from capture technology. Benefits may come at first touch point whenever and wherever possible, and integrated into end-to-end business processes.

In a data-driven economy, companies face increased demand for real-time insights into all incoming data. Many times, however, that data remains locked in unstructured and semi-structured content. The ability to have automated capture, content understanding, identification, and relevant data extraction for use in today’s business systems and applications is critical.

Businesses realize that this is a reality that they must face. In order to do so, they must change their processes to accommodate the capture of information. This information may relate to shared services centers, remote workers, external partners, and even their customers (aka multichannels). Recent AIIM research finds that 40% of businesses are dealing with multichannel content in an adhoc manner between paper and electronic information. The research also finds that 36% indicate that they print their electronic inbound information and process it as paper.

Organizations need to adopt a multi-channel capture approach. This should address not only scanned documents bu also emails, voice, video, and all of the ways information is received and captured today. Of course, this means careful consideration of a range of devices including mobile. This is especially important now more than ever as mobile device usage continues to rise.

Consider how your organization currently makes uses of unstructured or semi-structured data. Look at the ways in which applying current and emerging technologies may improve your bottom line, enable faster customer or constituent service, or deliver competitive advantage. With these analyses in mind, this whitepaper can guide you to uncovering even more benefits using capture technology.

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