You’ve already invested in an agenda and minutes solution that helps you collect, aggregate, and create agenda packets, manage minutes, and offer live and on-demand video. But you also need to protect public records and fulfill records request, including content like content faxes, files, and emails. But here, you run into a glaring issue: your agenda solution can’t manage these types of content. As a result, you lack a complete picture of the documents that satisfy a records request. And although your minutes and agenda are already stored in your solution, they’re not in a secure central repository that protects them for the future.

Completing the Picture

Transform your clerk’s office with OnBase; a single system that manages agenda, minutes, video, records, and content across your entire government organization. This technology provides a complete all-in-one system that supports all your responsibilities from the legislative process to protecting all public records now and for the future.

OnBase centralizes all the different types of information you need to manage. It connects to other systems across your organization with ease. As a result, you can collect and preserve public records while increasing efficiency by cutting paper, costs, and other productivity obstacles.

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