Manual, paper-based processes pose a major security risk and are expensive and time-consuming. Your Human Resources department may have a digital platform, but what about new employees who do not yet have intranet access? Fortunately, we have solutions for this common problem. For instance, ShareBase by Hyland is a solution for HR employee file management that helps businesses run more seamlessly. As a result, organizations can get new hires integrated into their systems without compromising security and compliance. For example, in this video, we will share how Naviant uses ShareBase and OnBase in our HR Department.

Why Use ShareBase for HR Employee File Management

  • Paperless hiring and onboarding
  • Ensure new hires can view and download the files they need (and only the ones they need)
  • Protect sensitive information with user-based access and automatically generated passwords
  • Minimize security risk by disabling external access after a specified time
  • New Hire Communications: Employee Benefits, Payroll Elections, and Company Policies
  • In short, with ShareBase, you can keep new employees engaged and excited about your company – especially if new employees are remote
  • Virtual Career Fair

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