Enterprise content management (ECM) can appear to be confusing, if you are new to this industry or if you are starting a project. You will find there are many different technologies that factor into ECM and it can feel overwhelming. We will introduce ECM concepts in this first video in the series.

The purpose of these videos is to clear confusion and help you move forward with your enterprise content management journey confidently. The only constant thing about enterprise content management is that it continues to change. Since ECM continues to evolve, it is important to learn its past, present, and future to completely understand the business solution it has become today.

The Past

It all began with important business information being stored on paper and then stored in a box or filing cabinet. Later, when a document had to be retrieved it wasn’t always possible. A box could have been damaged and as a result, it destroyed the important information it contained. A product was then developed called microfiche which became a long term archival solution. This solution took up less space and had a much longer shelf life than a box in a basement. As advances in technology have been made, it always opens a door for businesses and organizations to manage content.

The next leap forward was the massive adoption of computers and scanning. Organizations were able to store documents for easy retrieval later on and since they were electronic it was easier to take care of the long term archival needs. This type of scanning and storing of content became known as a document management system. This solution was seen as far superior to filing cabinets and microfiche. So, scanning your documents and storing them is really where enterprise content management all began.

View “What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?” for more details. 

What’s next?

After you have completed the first video in this 3-part series, come back and view these follow up videos for more details on enterprise content management solutions.

  1. What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)? – this video
  2. How an ECM Solution Can Improve Your Business
  3. The ROI of ECM – See Actual Results of Other Businesses

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