Webinar Recording: AP Automation Key Strategies And Metrics

This 30 minute webinar recording uncovers key strategies employed by Best-in-Class AP Departments that are saving millions of dollars by reducing invoice processing costs by 83%, speeding up cycle times by 82%, and streamlining exception handling and late payments by 52%.

Whether you are new to the concepts of AP Automation or are already down the path, this educational webinar will be a great investment of your time. Imagine the ability to significantly increase cash flow by reducing invoice processing costs within 6 months or less? A recent case study will also be presented in which the customer enjoyed a $1.5 million dollar savings in the first year alone by improving business processes within AP.

Executives Will Learn About

  • Best-in-Class AP Process Improvement Strategies
  • Analyze Key Benchmark Metrics like Cost Per Invoice
  • Stages & Concepts of AP Automation
  • Improve Visibility of Current AP Liability
  • Optimizing Procure-to-Pay Processes
  • Seize Vendor Discounts & Increase Favorable Terms
  • Reduce Labor Costs by 60% While Increasing Throughput

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