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Zions Bancorporation provides a wide range of traditional banking and innovation technology services to its clients.
Salt Lake City, Utah
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The Client’s Signature Card Challenge

Zions Bancorporation is a bank holding company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. One of Zions Bancorp’s biggest priorities is managing the life of client signature cards. Unfortunately, inefficiencies in some of Zions affiliate banks meant that they had to handle cards multiple times. And these cards often sat around untouched in a branch for several days before being picked up and couriered to Zions’ Shared Services Center for scanning. The process could take more than 14 days before the electronic records became accessible.

Another challenge was in deciphering the hand-written data fields on the signature cards. This process secure, automated solution to capture the high volume of documents. The system then needed to extract, index, and classify the data.

Another solution requirement was the ease of use for non-IT staff. And finally, it had to be flexible enough to meet the unique needs of Zions’ individual banks while still working efficiently across the entire company.

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