Executive Session


The Naviant Summit Executive Session is an exclusive invite-only portion of our Naviant Summit for only our executive guests provided free of charge.

Our 2017 Naviant Summit Executive Session will feature two presentations covering business topics imperative to today’s executives.

Generational Collide: You’re in the middle of it – What’s next?

Chad KopitzkeGenerational differences are becoming more predominant in the workplace, as a divide is being created amongst veteran employees and a younger workforce. Millennial expert, Chad Kopitzke, will address this “Generational Collide.” As Millennials are quickly becoming the largest employee population in the nation, how do you solve key generational issues so your employees are working together, rather than against one another? Chad will help you dive deeper into common generational differences, teach you to engage across those gaps, and generate valuable ideas to support lasting change for the sake of your organization’s long-term success.


The Market Evolution from ECM to Content Services & What’s on the Horizon

Alber HylandHyland Evangelist, Colleen Alber, will cover the evolution of the industry from ECM to “Content Services,” and what is next for innovation in Capture, Case Management, Mobile, Cloud, GIS and Reporting. She will discuss why leading industry analysts like Gartner are replacing ECM with Content Services as the term to describe our market, as well as how and why content solutions are undergoing significant to architectural and user experience alike. Colleen will discuss how Hyland’s technical vision is ahead of the curve – proactively addressing development efforts in order to thrive during this transition period in our industry.


View the full executive session agenda that includes the official timeline and detailed session descriptions.

Location | Potawatomi Hotel & Casino Conference Center

1721 West Canal Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin | www.paysbig.com

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Full Two-Day ECM Leadership Summit Details

This Executive Session is just one portion of the two-day Naviant Summit. This event brings together customers, executives, invited prospects, and Naviant resources to discuss industry trends, learn new ways to solve your business process challenges and recognize how to best leverage current investments in ECM solutions and strategies.  The Summit focuses on critical business issues, customer case studies, and focused educational sessions designed to bring increased value to your organization by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.

If interested in the rest of the Summit and what it has to offer you and your organization, please feel free to check out the details on our website. You may also choose to download our the full Naviant Summit and Executive Session Agenda with details.