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Keynote Addresses

The Power of Positive Insanity
By Mark Therrien
Join us as we invite Mark Therrien, professional humorist and world-renowned motivational speaker, for his keynote focused on helping people take better care of themselves, and helping organizations take better care of their customers. Mark provides practical, powerful strategies for creating joyful and energized workplaces where people feel valued and appreciated. He gets people excited about engaging their hearts as well as their minds… the key to providing exceptional, memorable customer service. Attendees will walk away with ideas on how to inspire your own organizations through laughter.

What’s New with OnBase & Hyland Software
Miguel Zubizaretta, Hyland Software CTO
Miguel Zubizaretta, CTO of Hyland Software, creator of OnBase, will provide a corporate update on Hyland Software’s progress within the world of Enterprise Content Management, and share with us detailed accounts of what’s new within the latest version release of OnBase.  Miguel will cover all of the major changes and enhancements that have taken place, including support for the latest Microsoft platforms, integrations with market-leading applications, new modules, improved performance, and a more consistent user experience across the OnBase user interfaces. Miguel will also be available for one-on-one meetings in the morning.

Breakout Sessions

Get More Value From Your Existing OnBase Investment
OnBase is an enterprise platform that employees across your entire organization can leverage to gain efficiencies. This special preview session will walk you through the basics of what is ECM, BPM & RM, and show how you can further leverage your existing OnBase investment, and briefly cover areas that every organization should consider for OnBase deployment. We will also delve into the most typical modules that organizations use to solve common business challenges. If you are unsure how to spend your day, this session will help you determine which other sessions you want to attend.

Cut through the Noise: AP/AR Automation is Different for Everyone
Most of us are bombarded daily with AP/AR Automation messages, invitations to webinars, and offers for white papers.  What do you do with this information, and how does it fit together? Stop self-diagnosing and join this session for a product-agnostic review of industry benchmarks, analyst recommendations, automation stages & concepts, and Naviant best practice recommendations.  Best-in-Class AP and AR departments are saving millions of dollars by reducing processing costs, speeding up cycle times, and streamlining exception handling.  A case study will also be presented in which the customer experienced significant savings in the first year alone by improving business processes.

Stop Scanning: Ingest Your Electronic Documents . . . Well, Electronically
While there is a great deal of paper that you deal with in your organization, more and more content is received in an electronic fashion. Information comes via e-mail, fax, and other systems that should be part of your ECM system and business record. This session will focus on considerations for ingesting electronic content from different sources into OnBase, bypassing the creation of paper. Via customer case studies and examples, we’ll take a long look at e-mail management and practices for ensuring appropriate e-mail content and attachments are associated with the official business record as it’s stored within OnBase.

SharePoint & OnBase: Better Together
Are you confused by all the market hype around where content should reside? This session will explore how OnBase extends in to the SharePoint experience, and attendees will walk away with a better understanding of where within your organization each solution plays best. Attendees will also discover the wide array of OnBase functionality and components available to “plug-in” to your portal environment, including functionality to Scan from SharePoint, Push to SharePoint, and for Collaboration at the document level.

OnBase: The Hidden Platform
You have selected OnBase as your ECM platform, but how do you make it easy for your users to interact with the documents they need? This session will explore OnBase from a “behind the scenes” perspective, and walk through customer examples of how you can present OnBase to the user without having them leave their core application. Whether through Outlook, via the web client, directly within the OnBase interface, or completely external to OnBase through line of business applications, this session will provide attendees with ideas on how to simplify the user experience, and make you look like a hero.

What Got Sent To Whom?!?
Managers and employees regularly use Microsoft Word and third party products for managing repetitive, time consuming and error prone documents, letters, contracts and correspondence. In addition to processing and managing incoming content, most organizations face challenges with the creation, revision, review and distribution of content to both internal and external customers. Through customer case studies, this session will walk attendees through how customers have utilized OnBase tools such as Document Composition, Workflow, EDM Services and Document Knowledge Transfer, to aggregate information from multiple sources, control the creation of documents and communications, and avoid potential legal and compliance risks by improving accuracy and auditing.

OnBase System Administration
Always a crowd favorite, this interactive session looks at the performance of OnBase across processing, login, retrieval, metadata storage, and system backup verification, and focuses on achieving the highest level of performance without sacrificing functionality or flexibility. Additionally, the session will explore configuration as well as the impact of disk groups, platter management, and data verification, as well as transaction logs and workstation registration. If you are the system administrator for your OnBase system, this is one session you don’t want to miss!

The Workforce Challenge- Connecting Your Remote Employees
With the advent of smart phone technology and improved communication infrastructures, many businesses have realized the advantages of having employees work remotely. Using customer case studies, this session will focus on the many different ways our customers have embraced process and ECM technology to better support your remote/mobile employees, and provide them the access they need to do their job more effectively.