2011 Naviant ECM Educational Session Request

2011 Session Handout Request

To request a copy of any of the 2011 Naviant ECM Educational Summit Session Handouts outlined below, please contact Naviant’s Marketing Manager and indicate which Session Title(s) you are interested in receiving.

Conference Overview – PDF Version

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Full-Day Training Sessions

OnBase Reporting
Do you know what tables hold key information from your OnBase solution? Do you wish you could enhance the out-of-the-box OnBase Reports with additional information, or have it presented in a different way? Do you know how to create your own custom queries to get the information you need? This training session will explore all of these topics and provide common sample reports that you will be able to take back to your office and implement immediately. This foundation of information will open limitless possibilities for you to pull the information you need, and be a more effective administrator. We will also look at OnBase’s developed reporting solutions, including Business Activity Monitoring and Report Services.

OnBase System Administration
Are you new to OnBase or are you looking for a refresher on OnBase System Administration? This intro to System Administration course is designed to introduce new and existing OnBase System Administrators to the use, maintenance and administration of OnBase. The class also investigates effective maintenance strategies and resources available to OnBase System Administrators. Expand upon your OnBase System Administrator knowledge and learn how you can leverage more of the built-in or add-on functionality to streamline your processes and systems.

Executive Workshop: Developing an Enterprise Strategy for Content Management
This executive workshop is by invitation only. This session will cover a wide-array of considerations from an executive’s perspective, including key components from BPM (business process), ECM (enterprise content), and RM (records). The morning roundtable will focus on higher-level, broad-based strategy creation topics such as why creating a strategy is important, the general concepts and areas of coverage, and delve into strategy creation and keys to successful execution. The afternoon roundtables will provide a deeper dive into areas critical for defining and implementing a content management strategy, including IT Architecture and Infrastructure, Process Modeling and Methodology, Metrics and Reporting, and Records Management. 

Industry Sessions

Insurance Industry Session
This vertical-focused session will focus on best practices within the insurance industry while leveraging OnBase. Hyland Software’s Ruth Fisk, Worldwide Managing Director of Insurance, will be leading the discussion on leveraging OnBase to help better manage business content, improve productivity, ensure long-term profitability, and above all, provide high level of service to retain customers. Attendees will also review the latest solution enhancements specific to insurance customers.

Healthcare Industry Session
This vertical-focused session will bring together industry leading experts and current healthcare customers and prospects to discuss specific industry challenges. The focus will be on how technology is the driving force behind achieving “One Patient. One Record”, and how similar healthcare organizations are leveraging OnBase enterprise-wide, including hospital, business office (Finance, HR, Credentialing), Clinical, and Administration. Attendees will also review the latest solution enhancements specific to healthcare vertical.

Breakout Sessions

OnBase: The Latest & Greatest
Always a crowd favorite, this session will cover the latest and greatest changes and enhancements with OnBase 11.0, including the latest Microsoft platforms, integrations with market-leading applications, new modules, improved performance, and more consistent user experience via Unity Client.

To BE or Not to BE
The goal of Business Excellence (BE) is to improve the overall performance of your business and key processes. This session will review BE principles, tools, and metrics, and discuss how BE practices can be incorporated into your business to help you achieve your business goals. Case studies will be used to demonstrate how organizations of all sizes can utilize the concepts of BE to transform their business.

Special OPS: OnBase Performance & Security
You have OnBase and use it every day. But is your system optimized? We’re not talking about making sure you have a beefy server and plenty of bandwidth. Ensuring you have optimal methods for indexing and retrieving documents, as well as sharing those documents with auditors, business partners, and customers, is the focus of this session. We’ll discuss automated capture and indexing methods, in addition to covering techniques for ensuring that the proper content is delivered to those searching for documents quickly and easily. Finally, options for sharing your OnBase-stored content with 3rd parties will be covered, with a focus on document security and distribution methods.

I Love You BOO
Back Office Operations (accounting/finance, human resources, legal, customer service and compliance) don’t contribute to the bottom line and are a waste of time.  Wrong!  As departments continue to be challenged to do more with less, ECM and BPM best practices are critical to optimizing performance.  This session will provide an overview of common ways to replace inefficient, paper-based processes and information silos by leveraging enterprise technologies.  Tangible benefits of automating your BOO with OnBase include the ability to:

  • Reduce the time and cost of performing important business functions
  • Improve organizational efficiency
  • Share content with employees, business partners, customers and other constituencies
  • Address the need for regulatory compliance through the management and control of content

Workflow Micro Applications: It’s Not Rube Goldberg!
Time is precious. Are your business processes more complex than they need to be?  Do you manually collect, sort, and route information before you begin your real work?  If so, then this Micro Applications session is for you!  Micro Applications are lightweight application extensions that allow easy consumption of data, when and where you need it, and can deliver targeted information and functionality based on role, requirement and channel of choice (mobile, imbedded, or desktop). This class will expose you to several Micro Applications utilizing Workflow that can add value to your organization by simplifying and automating repeatable tasks.  We will walk you through Micro Application concepts and examples that should spark ideas on how you can streamline your business process, and have actual customers share personal success stories.  At the end of the session you will have a basic understanding of how Micro Applications can save your workforce time and your organization money.

United Nations: Bringing the OnBase World Together
Do you have disparate line-of-business systems that you wish leveraged the power of OnBase? This session will review integration options that keep users in their “comfort zone” of their existing applications (SharePoint, Outlook, Portals…). New with OnBase 11.0, Enterprise Integration Server (EIS) allows bi-directionally exchange of both documents AND data between OnBase and LOB applications without custom programming (EIS is now to IT what Application Enabler is to users). In addition to touching on other integration tools, we will also leverage a customer case study focused on integration between OnBase and their CRM platform.