Naviant 2013 Summit Session Request

2013 Session Handout Request

To request a copy of any of the 2013 Naviant ECM Educational Summit Session Handouts outlined below, please contact Naviant’s Marketing Manager and indicate which Session Title(s) you are interested in receiving.

Summit Overview – PDF Version

To view a PDF VERSION of the Detailed 2013 Summit Agenda, including Detailed Session Overviews, Complete Agenda with Timelines, Session Topics, and Monday Night Dinner Details and Restaurant Locale, please click here.

Summit Day One Overview

Training Sessions

Attendees for Day One of the Naviant Summit may choose from several half-day training course options, including: OnBase System Administration, OnBase Records Management, and an Executive Panelist Workshop: Successes & Challenges of Leveraging OnBase Strategically.

View Training Course Descriptions Here

Summit Day Two Overview

Session Descriptions

Insurance Industry Session This vertical-focused session will focus on best practices within the insurance industry while leveraging OnBase. Ralph Severini of Hyland’s Insurance Solutions Group will be leading the discussion on helping to better manage business content, improve productivity, ensure long-term profitability, and above all, provide high level of service to retain customers. Attendees will also review the latest solution enhancements specific to insurance customers.

Healthcare Industry Session This vertical-focused session will bring together industry leading experts and current healthcare customers and prospects to discuss specific industry challenges. Margaret Hulvey of Hyland’s Healthcare Solutions Group will be leading the discussion that will focus on how technology is the driving force behind achieving “One Patient. One Record”, and how similar healthcare organizations are leveraging OnBase enterprise-wide, including hospital, business office (Finance, HR, Credentialing), Clinical, and Admin. Attendees will also review the latest solution enhancements specific to healthcare vertical.

Case Management This bonus session will introduce the concepts behind Case Management and how it applies Contract Management, Human Resources, Process Controls, IT and beyond.  OnBase WorkView | Case Manager provides case workers with a 360° view of all the information (data, conversations, documents, etc.) they need to drive the often unpredictable work that requires their knowledge and expertise; and in the OnBase 13 release, it’s been improved with enhanced search features and a new dashboard interface. Organizations can eliminate disparate data management methods, such as spreadsheets and departmental databases. Whether managing service requests, resolving issues, or qualifying opportunities, control all aspects of the case including tasks, documents, forms, and events. Make better business decisions and maximize productivity by connecting the right people with the right information at the right time. Join us at this bonus session to kick off the Naviant ECM Summit right!

Feature Presentation: OnBase 13 Always a crowd favorite, this session will cover the latest and greatest changes and enhancements with OnBase 13, including developments to mobile clients and the offline user experience, case workers gaining instant 360° view of all the information they need plus improved search features and a new dashboard interface. Everyone will benefit from process improvements driven by new developments to forms capabilities, approval management, and signature capture solutions… plus, the significant work behind the scenes to increase OnBase performance, scalability, and compatibility with the latest available technologies. Come one, come all, to this educational euphoria.

Beyond Keywords:  Navigating Your Enterprise… with Search Sometimes keywords aren’t enough.  How many times have you wanted to search for enterprise content, but you couldn’t find it?  Go where few men and women have gone before… and explore advanced search options inside and outside of OnBase including native search, OnBase “Google-esque” Search, and more.  Find your critical content.  Trekkies, Jedis, and Larpers welcome!

Recipe for Success: Cooking up Great OnBase Reporting Dishes A tastefully simple approach to your OnBase Reporting hunger.  These healthy dishes will ensure your OnBase solution is operating efficiently while providing leadership the nourishment they need to succeed. We’ll cover those reports that are free and fabulous like config, scanning and transaction reports, semi-homemade solutions like Report Services and our Custom Report Bundle, as well as Exception Reporting. We’ll end with “Emeril Live” where we will cover Statusview BAM – Let the system real-time tell you where the bottlenecks are within Workflow.

An Aquarian AP & HR Experience: One Hour of Peace, Music & ECM Organizations can cut operational and administrative AP & HR costs by 40-60% with enterprise content management (ECM) and OnBase.  Make paper-free processing a reality and find your inner peace with the efficient capture, storage, retrieval and workflow automation of your AP & HR documents and corresponding content.  Yoko didn’t destroy The Beatles… their AP process did!

Catch Me If You Can: Advanced Capture Your organization has many business processes that require you to take information presented on documents and use that information for processing decisions, and ultimately sending to core business systems like CRM and ERP. Manual processing requires reading documents and entering data into systems for many people within your organization, all at a cost to the bottom line. This session will explore options available to automatically read information from documents and use that data for workflow decisions as well as creating records within your core business systems. Concepts of document classification and data extraction will be discussed along with ways to improve data accuracy and eliminate the costs of manual data entry.

Forms Anatomy: Critical Care for Electronic Forms This interactive session follows the lives of an HTML Form and a Unity Form as they evolve into critical OnBase components. Told through the eyes of a hospital setting, we’ll delve into the difference between form types and take a deeper dive into a full examination on electronic forms that provides the patient informative details to ensure a healthy future.  Your prescription for success will lead you to the summit of electronic form creation.

Expert Stations

Back by popular demand, the hands-on Expert Stations will be hosted by Naviant, and provide the opportunity to have one-on-one discussions and demonstrations about some of the most popular solutions, which are outlined below.

  • Mobile Integrations (iPad, Android, Tablets, Phones)
  • Unity Client
  • Search
  • Outlook Integration
  • Intelligent Capture
  • Key Vendor Partners (Hyland, creator of OnBase, Brainware by Perceptive, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Canon, Kodak, Ricoh)

2013 Session Handout Request

To request a copy of any of the 2013 Naviant ECM Educational Conference Session Handouts outlined above, please contact Naviant’s Marketing Manager and indicate which Session Title(s) you are interested in receiving.