Naviant 2014 Summit Session Request

2014 Session Handout Request

To request a copy of any of the 2014 Naviant ECM Educational Summit Session Handouts outlined below, please contact Naviant’s Marketing Manager and indicate which Session Title(s) you are interested in receiving.

Summit Overview – PDF Version

View PDF VERSION of the Detailed 2014 Summit Agenda, including Detailed Session Overviews, Complete Agenda with Timelines, Session Topics, and Monday Night Dinner Details and Restaurant Locale.

Summit Day One Overview

Training Sessions

Attendees for Day One of the Naviant Summit may choose from several half-day training course options, including OnBase System Administration, OnBase Introduction to Workflow, Perceptive Capture (Brainware) Client Roundtable, and an Executive Panelist Workshop: Pareto’s 80/20 Impact on Your ECM Roadmap. 

View Training Course Descriptions Here

Summit Day Two Overview

Breakout Session Descriptions

Workflow | A Vacation from the Routine

Planning a good vacation takes time, effort, funding and the right people. Without Workflow, your content is left sitting at home. Unleash the power of your content. Behind every document is a process, and this session will explore a range of micro-applications to sophisticated solutions.

Case Management | Your Exit from the Highway to Hell
These days it’s the high-volume, people-driven work that is most difficult to manage and measure, and is often the most costly; like riding the Highway to Hell! What if you could provide them with a 360° view of all the information (data, conversations, documents, etc.) they need to drive the—often unpredictable—work that requires their knowledge and expertise? WorkView | Case Manager does just that! It provides a complete toolkit that enables the creation and rapid deployment of solutions that are natively integrated with the OnBase suite of products. Take a load off Annie and put the load right on Case Management….it will make you an Easy Rider!

ChROME | Characters Recognized Optically Maximizes Efficiency
Chrome is cool. But just like OCR, you can’t buy any part that looks cool and expect it to fit your application correctly. Join us for a journey down the Optical Character Recognition path and explore the multiple options to systematically read information from documents, use that data within optimized business processes, and create records within your core business systems. Concepts will include full page OCR and search, document classification, form templates & advanced capture. Walk away with the knowledge of the best OCR options for how your organization does business. Stop processing information manually… OCR is the new black!

Keynote Address: Bill Priemer, Hyland Software President & CEO | What’s New with Hyland & OnBase 14
Join us this year as we welcome Hyland Software’s President & CEO to the stage. Always a crowd favorite, this session will cover the latest and greatest changes and enhancements with OnBase 14, including developments to mobile clients and the offline user experience, case workers gaining instant 360° view of all the information they need plus improved search features and a new dashboard interface. Everyone will benefit from process improvements driven by new developments to forms capabilities, approval management, and signature capture solutions… plus, the significant work behind the scenes to increase OnBase performance, scalability, and compatibility with the latest available technologies. Come one, come all, to this educational euphoria.

“Best-In-Class” Insurance | The Leader of the Pack
This vertical-focused session will focus on best practices within the insurance industry while leveraging OnBase. What does a “Best-In-Class” Insurance company look like? From Claims to New Business and Underwriting, and to integrations with Policy Administration systems. How do you know if your organization is Best-in-Class? How do you stack up against your peers? Find out the answers to these questions and learn how “Best-In-Class” Insurance companies are using ECM to automate their processes to drive out costs and increase the bottom line.

Jump to New ECM Heights | Building Your Dream Bike Roadmap
Your investment into ECM doesn’t have to be a complex Evil Knievel stunt, it can be an Easy Ride…r. Just like the dream of building your perfect motorcycle, an ideal ECM solution has a solid foundation with a future roadmap to add on components over time. This visionary session is engineered to paint the possibilities that exist to expand your OnBase investment throughout the enterprise into other departments, including Human Resources, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Customer Service, Contract Management, Quality, Maintenance/Safety, etc.

Integration Violation | Shifting Gears with OnBase
You wouldn’t buy Suzuki parts and expect them to work with your Harley, right? Lucky for you, OnBase plays nicely with many different systems and has a wide array of pre-built seamless integrations. When you turn on your computer each day, what applications do you start up? Most likely it’s your email and line of business applications; but what about OnBase? Two’s a couple, three’s a crowd. What if you could access your OnBase content seamlessly through your preferred application? This session will guide you on the best route to tying the systems you use most often together. We’ll discuss integration options available between OnBase and your ERP, as well as other common systems you may use including email, the Microsoft Office suite, as well as your mobile device.

Expert Stations

Back by popular demand, the hands-on Expert Stations will be hosted by Naviant, and provide the opportunity to have one-on-one discussions and demonstrations about some of the most popular solutions, which are outlined below.

  • Case Management
  • Workflow & eForms
  • Capture (AnyDoc, OnBase, Perceptive/Brainware)
  • Mobile Integrations (iPad, Android, Tablets, Phones)
  • Integration (Outlook, Application Enabler, EIS)

Lunch Roundtables

Naviant provides hosted roundtables during lunch on a variety of topics to promote networking amongst attendees and resident experts on the topic of interest. Topics at this year’s Summit include:

  • Accounts Payable / HR
  • Workflow
  • OnBase 101 / New to ECM
  • OnBase System Administration
  • Intelligent Capture
  • Integrations
  • Insurance Vertical
  • Healthcare Vertical
  • Financial Services Vertical
  • Manufacturing Vertical

2014 Session Handout Request

To request a copy of any of the 2014 Naviant ECM Educational Conference Session Handouts outlined above, please contact Naviant’s Marketing Manager and indicate which Session Title(s) you are interested in receiving.