2017 Summit Day Two Training Courses

Half-Day Training Courses

On day two of the Summit, we are offering new hands-on training courses detailing popular topics. When you register for the Summit, you may choose which half-day training courses you would like to attend. Training courses are free of charge for Naviant tiered support customers and are available to non-tiered support customers for a fee of $249/person for day two. Class sizes are limited.

Attendees for Day Two of the Naviant Summit may choose from several half-day training course options, including:

  • AM Sessions Offered
    • OnBase Case Management
    • OnBase Workflow
  • PM Sessions Offered
    • OnBase Reporting Dashboards
    • OnBase Tips & Tricks

Morning Courses (3 Hours)

Case Management

If your organization has a variety of Microsoft Access databases, shared Excel spreadsheets, or even Lotus Notes applications, Case Manager/WorkView can help alleviate these silos of information. Case Manager can be rapidly configured to manage disparate data that does not have a home within your core line-of-business applications. Within this training session, you will learn all of the core concepts needed to define a Case Management application, and then via a hands-on lab, set up an application from scratch to gain an understanding of the potential power
of Case Management.

  • Design screens to display case records
  • Setup filters to find relevant records
  • Link related objects for a user-friendly interface
  • Expose OnBase-stored documents and content related to Case Management records
  • Leverage Case Management with new or existing Workflow processes

OnBase Workflow

Do you have business processes you want to standardize or automate? Do you have forms that you manually route around the office for approvals or to share common interested information? Looking for some quick wins to impress your boss? This OnBase Workflow class will be your winning ticket to impressing your boss while learning through real world examples on how to standardize and automate redundant business process tasks. You will build your own workflow while using the updated OnBase studio version 17 interface, including the latest and greatest OnBase workflow features. The OnBase workflow knowledge you will gain from this class will pay off for years to come. Come share in the wealth of knowledge that OnBase workflow provides.

Afternoon Courses (2 Hours)

OnBase Reporting Dashboards

The power of analytics shines through with OnBase Reporting Dashboards. With the point-and-click configuration, easily visualize your business data within your OnBase solution. We will walk users through the process of drilling down into specific data, how to easily share dashboards with other users, export the data to Excel, and more. Dashboards can provide users with the significant insights into data; provide IT employees critical system monitoring data; provide management control of process and workflows; and, provide end users a way to monitor their individual workload. Experience the power of analytics through OnBase Reporting Dashboards.

Unity Forms

Ever wonder how they do that and make it look so easy? OnBase is filled with many great features and functions; it is impossible to cover them all in a single training or even weeks of training. This class will unveil many of the best tips and tricks that have saved OnBase users, admins and companies time and money. You will be able to apply many of these tips and tricks with hands-on exercises so you can apply this knowledge long after the class has ended. Explore many of the underutilized features and functions that were added by Hyland to improve businesses like yours. Be prepared to learn, share and grow during this fun, exciting and informative session that will propel your OnBase solution to the next level.

View Day One Summit Agenda

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