Audit & Compliance Document Management System

The OnBase Audit & Compliance Document Management solution helps you comply with regulations by giving you visibility into the documentation of critical business processes and procedures. The audit document management software also allows you to provide the necessary documentation to outside auditors in a timely fashion. Proactively managing compliance and audits also increases your organization’s transparency – saving time and money.

Relying on manual and paper-based processes scatters important documentation across the organization, making it hard to comply with regulations. Poor visibility into your processes means you are periodically not in compliance, which can cost time and money to correct. Using paper-based processes causes the following compliance management challenges:

  • Difficulty complying with local, state, federal, and non-governmental agency regulations in an orderly way
  • Time and energy spent searching for documentation to prepare for audits
  • Inability to quickly find and share required documentation

Compliance document management lets you manage documents electronically in a secure central repository. With the OnBase ECM Audit solution, your organization can evolve from a slow, paper-based world to one of efficient, automated processes and real-time information. With this solution, you will be able to manage critical documentation and govern risk across the entire enterprise, speeding document management compliance and audit document management processes, while eliminating manual errors.

Capturing, accessing, and electronically routing documentation with document workflow ensures you are managing the document management compliance process with efficient, operating controls. OnBase’s compliance document management software gives you increased visibility by providing audit trails that detail what actions were taken, when, and by whom.

OnBase Audit and Compliance Document Management System helps organizations:

  • Comply with local, state, federal, and non-government regulations proactively and methodically
  • Prepare for and manage audits easily with automated document retention, audit trails, and clear visibility into your data and any action taken to help with compliance management
  • Reduce the cost and hassle of distributing policy changes and documents to employees
  • Integrate systems to provide secure access to documents across your entire company