Enterprise Cloud-Based File Sharing and Syncing - ShareBase by Hyland

Do you have a black hole in your IT strategy when it comes to sharing and syncing business content?

In 2016, Hyland sponsored a focused study of AIIM registered individuals to gather statistics on the sharing of data beyond the Corporate network (“What’s Happening with File Sync and Share?”).

58% of respondents are using third-party cloud apps for collaboration
65% of respondents are using file sharing tools not sanctioned by their IT department

Corporate’s biggest concern was revealed to be co-mingling of data. The use of unique encryption keys to ensure that company data was properly siloed from other clients in the Cloud was “very important.” Lack of insight into what is being shared outside of the company was a concern for 60% of executives. Yet over half of respondents were not aware of any corporate standards for cloud-based sharing.

ShareBase by Hyland is a stand-alone enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) product that allows for unlimited sharing of files inside and outside your organization. Tightly control who uses ShareBase, enforce the use of corporate email addresses, and establish permissions at the folder or document level. Automatically revoke and transfer rights when users leave or change roles, mitigating unauthorized access and ensuring continuity during transitions.

Built on Hyland’s private OnBase Cloud, ShareBase maximizes security. Hyland’s strategically positioned global data centers allow you to select a region that meets your needs.  Native document encryption with a personal encryption key ensures your important information is protected. Un-editable audit trails show IT exactly what content is shared and who is accessing it.

ShareBase can extend your OnBase solution. ShareBase allows documents to be shared outside of OnBase, collaborated upon and imported back in. Automatically capture documents uploaded to ShareBase, and use Workflow to automate secure sharing and notifications within processes based on business rules.

Key Benefits of an Enterprise Cloud-Based File Share

  • Retain Corporate control of the entire file sync and share process. Manage all shared content with corporate email accounts and role-based security.
  • Share with confidence. In the private OnBase Cloud, your data is protected with a unique encryption key.
  • Extend your OnBase solution. Enables automated document sharing as part of your business processes.