Finance and Administration Solutions for Government

Run government finance and administration more efficiently now and in the future

OnBase Finance and Administration Solutions keep vital government functions and responsibilities moving forward while saving staff time and eliminating costs. As a result, the OnBase software allows government agencies to meet today’s challenges by digitizing paper documents and automating processes surrounding them.

icon_windowAgenda & Minutes Management

The OnBase Electronic Agenda Management software solution automates the labor-intensive approval, assembly, and distribution of agenda management and minutes management tasks, speeding up legislative processes. With an electronic agenda management software – like OnBase – users can auto-create, assemble and update packets instantly, and stay on top of requests by tracking submissions using workflow automation. With the Electronic Agenda Management software, packet assembly takes much less time than manual systems, and it enhances your view of the process and status of individual agenda items. While staff centrally manage requests and automatically send agendas on for approval, workflow automation and a built-in audit trail enforce the proper review and approval procedures. Agendas and minutes can be published to the web or other solutions. Then, clerks can automate follow-up actions and track agenda items after a meeting.

Village of DeForest Uses OnBase for Agenda Management & More

Hear why the Village of DeForest selected OnBase and how they are using it today to streamline their processes. Their Clerk said “I was struggling to find a solution that had the full package, meaning a really good Agenda Solution AND a really good Content Management Solution. That was until we met Naviant and learned about OnBase. We are now using it in every department”.

icon_peoplePublic Records

OnBase Public Records solutions further transparency and open government initiatives by helping departments meet legal responsibilities for providing access to public records. From easy retrieval for staff in public offices to online request tools and automated records packet creation, OnBase helps organizations meet record requests in a timely fashion. OnBase features tools for retrieving and bundling documents to meet records requests, provide constituent self-service access, automate the request process, make documents available for sale online and even redact confidential information – all while lowering costs and providing staff with more time to focus on other important initiatives.

icon_file-folderElectronic Contract Management System

OnBase transforms your contract management efforts by capturing, storing, routing and notifying staff of necessary tasks they must do to complete contract reviews and renewals on time.

Using OnBase, government agencies can:

  1. Schedule alerts for contract review, renewal, and deletion
  2. Shorten lengthy audits by automatically tracking all contract modifications
  3. Centralize storage with permission-based access and edit rights

Since OnBase stores documents digitally, your agency can further transparency efforts by publishing electronic contracts to your website. This feature helps you meet new legal responsibilities for providing access to contracts. With central, secure storage, you can also create self-service access for staff and constituents, allowing staff to handle more work without interruption. Your agency can quickly retrieve contracts, provide self-service access and automate and enforce review processes.


Scan, Store & Retrieve & More

Some organizations like to start out with a basic Scan, Storage, & Retrieval use of OnBase to get started, and then expand into other areas with workflow automation and more.

Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District Uses OnBase Throughout Organization

Watch this short video on how Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District is leveraging OnBase to store and retreive documents. Hear about how they plan to use workflow to automate processes within the HR department such as onboarding new staff, to simplify the Safety Departments mandatory tests, and streamline the AP department for routing and approvals.

icon_building-blocksIntegrated ERP

Connect OnBase with any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Users can gain instant access to the documents they need within their familiar work environment. Across the country, governments are under pressure to overhaul or retire legacy accounting and human resource systems. To modernize, many agencies turn to ERP systems like PeopleSoft®, SAP®, Oracle, JD Edwards®, and Lawson. However, many of the processes these ERPs manage also rely on documents. OnBase connects any ERP solution with related documents, automating processes and creating transparency for financial and human resources tasks. With OnBase Workflow, you can even notify, view, route and manage documents directly from ERP screens.