Revenue Cycle Automation Document Management ECM Solutions Create Visibility And Controls

Most finance divisions receive little attention in today’s complex healthcare environments. Their role, however, is one of the most important facets in the organization. These departments are vital to the overall success of the health system as it is their responsibility to create, track, identify, and disseminate trending financial data to managers and decision-makers. That, in turn, empowers informed business decisions on behalf of the organization. More specifically, their responsibilities include:

  • Guaranteeing adequate cash flow to achieve organizational objectives
  • Managing and controlling costs
  • Establishing and managing profitability levels
  • Preparing financial documentation and reporting

Choose an ECM solution that extends the traditional enterprise content management tools of document capture, storage, and retrievals. A good solution will assist finance personnel so they capture, record, store, manage, track, and trend the data that helps you run your business. Naviant can help you with a solution that provides:

  • Batching and data capture tools that accommodate 100% of your financial and non-financial transactions regardless of origin or format
  • One centralized repository for all transactions to reside, eliminating any external data sources or spreadsheets required for tracking and balancing
  • Reducing and controlling costs through automated reconciliation tools that help match financial transactions from disparate systems
  • Exception-based processing for un-reconciled transactions to be worked timely and efficiently
  • Integration into your general ledger (GL) system to reduce manual data entry
  • Reporting and data analytics for immediate insight into the organization’s financial performance

Proven finance solutions

Naviant offers solutions that integrate with numerous HIS platforms and banking institutions to create a single source for claims adjudication and payment reconciliation. Our solutions accomplish this through a multi-tiered reconciliation solution that automatically matches detail transactions. First, bank deposits match to finance records. Finance records then match to the solution’s batch records. Finally, our solution batch records will match to host line-of-business (LOB) batch records.

By integrating transactional claims data with its corresponding payment remittance data and combining it with your daily deposit data into a single data source, an ECM solution can easily and quickly identify exception-based transactions that require additional attention and follow-up. These exceptions are then managed through our user-friendly work queue management tool for timely adjudication and account resolution.