ECM Document Management Benefits for Critical Access Hospitals

Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) provide vital services in rural areas and most often, always are the foundation of those rural health care delivery systems. Because of the difficulty of access to these hospitals, CAHs are almost always expected to:

  • Meet unmet community health needs in the isolated communities
  • Improve access to urgent care and other health-related service
  • Coordinate the entire health care environment, including that of providers, patients, and staff

Because CAHs must be located in a rural area, as well as host an emergency room that operates 24 hours a day/7 days a week, these small hospitals have a lot to provide for.

Naviant can improve better care coordination and the usage of an ECM system can grant instant access to patient information that can improve health care quality and patient outcomes in rural communities. An ECM solution can transform how rural health care communities access and coordinate care, improve disease surveillance, target health education, and compile regional data. The following benefits can be assumed with the implementation of an ECM solution into a CAH:

  • Give health care providers instant access to information they need to make timely, vital decisions, and ultimately, to save lives
  • Enable rural hospitals to utilize remote clinicians, pharmacists, and staff members to improve and extend access
  • Facilitate efficient transfer and local care after hospitalization