Deficiency Management Document Management ECM Solutions

Efficiently and intuitively manage chart deficiencies

In managing deficiencies, HIM analysts face pressure to work quickly and accurately. OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solution for deficiency management provides analysts and physicians with a simple, intuitive interface that, in turn, enables speedier deficiency identification, assignment, and completion—reducing errors and delays.

Where are your charts today? Are you still analyzing, coding, and completing these on paper? How long is it taking you and your team to complete a chart? Are you meeting necessary deadlines? OnBase can help you answer these questions and address the challenges they imply with:

  • Automatic assignment of specific charts for analysts based on any criteria—length of stay, type of visit, facility, etc.—to heighten efficiency
  • Advanced workflow to streamline any analysis process required
  • Automatic deficiencies to save analysts time
  • Remote and web-based access for physicians, allowing them the ability to complete deficiencies from the comfort of their home office via an iPad or PC

OnBase offers additional features to help your HIM analysts work more quickly and efficiently. Security tools help preserve patient confidentiality and privacy while secure access with audit trails maintains compliance. Automatic creation and emailing of delinquency letters eliminates the need to run reports to determine which physicians are delinquent on which charts. Dual deficiencies accommodate workflow for both residents and attendings.

The tight integration OnBase has with your EMR, achieved through methods including HL7, API, and the non-programmatic AppEnabler, enables physicians to receive notifications and complete deficiencies within the EMR. Further, advanced workflow tools help you manage and streamline complex processes, delivered by an implementation team who will help you evaluate your current state. Based on the knowledge gained from hundreds of implementations, it will help you build a new, more efficient process. Moving beyond just scanning patient charts, OnBase manages content in clinical, revenue cycle and administrative areas, creating a single document management standard throughout your organization.