Image-Enabled Coding Document Management ECM Solutions

Work more quickly and accurately

To code charts and encounters expediently and accurately, coders need access to the complete patient record. Otherwise, delays in coding will cause delays in reimbursement. An enterprise content management (ECM) solution enables image-enabled coding for a faster, more accurate process.

Based on your organization’s business processes or rules, OnBase can automatically send charts to the appropriate coders, ensuring no single coder becomes overwhelmed. Additionally, because more than one person can access the chart at once, coders don’t have to wait for deficiencies to be completed. Coders can also query physicians electronically with any questions on a chart, shortening the time it takes to get answers. Also, with one chart stored in a single, central location, your team will always know they are working from the most current version. Finally, coders can also work remotely, easily accessing all the necessary content through OnBase or the EMR.