Healthcare Payer Document Management

Security and compliance automation with ECM

Naviant partners with OnBase, a leading provider of world-class ECM for health insurance. When paired with Naviant’s implementation team, support team, and overall experience in the industry, these solutions give you the opportunity to greatly improve your efficiency and costs.

OnBase combines integrated document management, workflow management, business process management, and records management into a single application. It manages digital content including scanned documents, faxes, print streams, application files, electronic forms, web content, multi-media files, emails, and industry standard files such as 835 & 837, CMS1500, and UB04.

OnBase also provides organizations with the ability to automate business processes, reduce the time and cost of performing important business functions, improve organizational efficiency, and address the need for regulatory compliance through the management, control and sharing of digital content with employees, business partners, customers, and other constituencies.

Naviant, paired with OnBase, provides a competitive advantage through streamlined processes, reduced costs, increased internal controls, audit assistance, and improved customer service. This solution enables customers of varying sizes and characteristics to improve productivity levels by addressing specific document needs within each business area. Our health insurance industry expertise is paramount in driving added value for our customers. We have experience with Fiscal Intermediaries for Medicare/Medicaid, commercial insurers, third-party administrators as well as Managed Service Organizations. We understand Health Benefit Plans & Health Administrative systems and are experienced in meeting industry-specific challenges, including security and compliance.

OnBase is uniquely developed as a single, robust software ECM for health insurance platform that is built from the ground up as a point-and-click configurable solution. This approach puts the ease of use and design in the hands of insurance companies, helping to minimize outside consulting and implementation costs. By leveraging a single platform approach, standard methodology, and sound architecture, insurers are able to quickly adopt and easily expand all tools to meet your business needs with a service-to-software ratio that is a fraction of most other enterprise solutions.