Mobile Open Enrollment Document Management ECM Solution

Speed up enrollment with mobile processing

Traditionally producers secure new business by visiting with prospects at their location, asking them to complete and sign paper enrollment documents. Once the producer returned to the office, he/she would manually enter the prospect’s information into the provider’s system—opening the door to possible data entry errors that could delay processing even further.  To expedite underwriting new business, the OnBase Open Enrollment Solution allows the producer to capture a prospect’s information and signature while onsite, directly from a tablet PC, immediately entering the application into an underwriting workflow. The solution is easily configured to make sure all required fields are completed on electronic forms, even triggering additional information when certain fields require it. Once connected to a network, the captured information is exchanged with the insurer’s core applications or its business intelligence warehouse, saving the time and expense of transcribing paper-based forms, all while preventing errors.

The OnBase Open Enrollment document management ECM Solution empowers mobile workers to make confident business decisions by offering them the opportunity to interact with critical information anywhere, anytime, independent of whether or not mobile workers are connected to a network. The instant access to any forms or documents downloaded to the OnBase client (briefcase), makes mobile workers more effective and efficient, completing tasks in the field, rather than waiting until they return to the office.  Additionally, onsite information, such as birth certificates, proof of residence, voice recordings, release of medical information, and/or signed documents, are easily captured and seamlessly uploaded to a document repository once connected to the network.

Naviant offers the following benefits to its clients:

  • Streamlining of field operations and improvement in new business accuracy
  • Elimination of expensive air cards traditionally required to access or input information, because you now can access information, documents, and forms while off network
  • A solution for modern platforms such as the tablet PC
  • Instant, anywhere, anytime access to critical business information