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Securely Share Information Internally and Externally

Are your employees sharing files via unsecured, untraceable environments? Ensure a standardized, seamless document sharing experience while maintaining full control and security over your information with ShareBase by Hyland. This technology is a stand-alone enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) product. With ShareBase, you can be confident that your file sync and share strategy seamlessly enables the sharing of information both internally and externally, while maintaining security and allowing you to retain full control.

Hyland sponsored a focused study of AIIM members to gather statistics on the sharing of data beyond the corporate network (What’s Happening with File Sync and Share?). These statistics are concerning, as these methods of sharing open greater potential for security problems as well as provide a scattered approach to document sharing.

  • 58% of respondents are using third-party cloud apps for collaboration
  • 65% of respondents are using file sharing tools not sanctioned by their IT department

With ShareBase, you can solve this problem once and for all. It provides a standard, secure strategy for sharing and collaborating on documents, both externally and internally. It also allows you full visibility into who’s sharing and viewing your documents, and where they’re going. And it delivers an excellent user experience, so users can shelve any easy-to-use, unsanctioned sharing tools they may have previously used to simplify processes.

ShareBase Core Capabilities

ShareBase was strategically built on Hyland’s private OnBase Cloud to provide maximum security. It uses a combination of strong cloud security and sharing security settings. This gives you enterprise-level security with a simple implementation regardless of the size of your organization.

ShareBase’s native document encryption is equipped with a personal encryption key which ensures that the content is secure. Its un-editable audit trails allow your IT department to see all content that is shared and who has viewed it. This way, you can stay on top of all activity related to your valuable documents and have peace of mind. And for good measure, Hyland has strategically positioned its global data centers so you can choose a region that best fits your unique needs.

Your solution can only be successful if its adoption is widespread. Fortunately, ShareBase is optimized for an excellent user experience. It allows users to share documents from anywhere, whether they use the web, mobile devices, or desktop. Users can share files externally by sending out trackable links that are password protected. ShareBase gives each user the option to set permissions for their information. Documents in ShareBase are also easy for users to organize to their liking using tags and familiar folder structures. Excellent user experience also means that users can shelve any easy-to-use, unsanctioned sharing tools they may have previously used to simplify processes. This benefit in particular can help you mitigate risk within your organization.

ShareBase makes collaboration easier than ever before. It features tools like native editing within familiar applications. It also offers the ability to save versions of documents in ShareBase within the native application. Users can communicate conveniently using ShareBase’s chat feature. They can keep conversations alongside the document for easy access. And to keep on top of things, users can subscribe to notifications by folder and document.

ShareBase allows documents to be shared outside of OnBase, collaborated upon and imported back in. Users can automatically capture documents uploaded to ShareBase and use Workflow to automate secure sharing and notifications within processes based on business rules.

Along with its document sharing and collaboration capabilities, ShareBase offers secure document storage capabilities that you can add to the processes you already have in place.

As an administrator, you want to have all the insights into your documents’ whereabouts that you can. Through its new Administrative Reporting layout, ShareBase offers you a full view into how your end users are using ShareBase. It even lets you see who has access to your documents externally. You can generate reports for your ShareBase deployment.

It also enables you to enforce the use of corporate email addresses and establish permissions at the folder or document level. Automatically revoke and transfer rights when users leave or change roles, mitigating unauthorized access and ensuring continuity during transitions.

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