Letter to ApplicationXtender Clients from CASNET Acquisition

Letter From Brad Bowers, President & CEO of CASNET, and Mike Suter, President & CEO of Naviant, Inc.

October 20, 2017

To our new customers,

We are excited to share that Naviant, Inc. has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire CASNET’s software division, which includes all ApplicationXtender clients, as well as CASNET’s professional support and account management teams. CASNET will retain ownership of the CASNET service bureau and eWIX solution.

Jeff Comer will become the Branch Manager of the Akron office of Naviant, and Brad Bowers will continue as President of CASNET’s conversion services business unit. Going forward the ApplicationXtender clients will continue to receive the helpdesk and project management support from the former CASNET team and will have the opportunity to work with Naviant’s account management team which has a long history of high level consulting in the ECM industry.

“The team in the Akron office, with the addition of the entire Naviant team, look forward to providing you an even higher level of support and delivery of services. We look forward to personally welcoming you into the Naviant Community,” said Liz Skolaski, EVP & COO, at Naviant.

Since 1986, Naviant has partnered with our clients to help them do more with less and reach their business goals. The acquisition positions Naviant to further lead the industry-wide evolution from managing content to managing information and to make an even bigger impact.

“This acquisition will further strengthen our services and support talent as we fold the CASNET team into our organization, as well as allow us to expand our footprint to serve a new region with a satellite office in Akron OH.”, said Michael Carr, EVP & CFO of Naviant.

In the coming weeks, you will hear from our marketing team about all of the exciting opportunities Naviant provides to our clients, including free webinars, newsletters, blogs, and our Annual Summit to name a few. We plan to host a “Welcome to Naviant” webinar in early November that will introduce you to our executives, combined support and implementation teams, our culture, and all of the additional free resources you now have access to as one of our clients.

We look forward to extending a strong culture of support and partnership as we make this transition as seamless as possible for clients. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to Brad Bowers or a Naviant Executive (Liz Skolaski or Michael Carr).






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